Welcome to this exceptionally interesting website.

They say that i'm a programmer, I don't think so, or I could even say that I'm a software engineer,project manager and so on.

Naah, joking 🙂

Yes, I am a programmer (I just find "developer" an horrible way to say). My gear is C++, Qt and Linux but I'm not a racist, if you are happy with Windows and/or Mac, it's up to you, I don't say that you are wrong,  it's just beyond my understanding.

Obviously there's not a website in wich people and corporations speak bad of themselves, so neither will do I. But I'm in a much better position compared to them, because whatever you say - if you leave your smart, wise, important and enlightened  words on a "social" network (it's marketing to name things as the opposite of what they actually do), maybe dozens of people will read them (and while, before and after simply  will not give a single little shit about them) but I have a thing that they miss: I simply don't mind at all. Really.

Writing  my magic thoughts on my personal website has these advantages:

  • If one reads these useless words, at least came here because he/she (politically correctness above all, but maybe should I  write she/he rather than he/she?)  it's important today) anyway, if you read, it's because you freely take the decision to read, and in less of five seconds to go where you want (I hope). So I can do and say what I want until I pay for my webspace and what I do or say is not braking any law.
  • I can also take the decision to leave  the corporation-like chatting to the unfortunate people that can't find a true job and do marketing. Just a thought: don't you feel a bit tired to read titles like "The 23 ways to do this" and/or "the 760.000 ways to do that"?

BY THE WAY: I'm not american, I'm Italian as first and european as second, so why should I dream the so-called 'american dream'?

Don' take me wrong, I know some american people and I love them and I spend good time with them, but can't stand anymore the so called "american dream" as it is pictured in our media. It's not that I am agaist the USA, don't be scared :P, I'm against this weird  believing that one just needs to go to the states to be happy and free...let me doubt it, can I? America has lights and shadows like ANY other country, it's just that won WWII (fortunately) and gets deserved advantages from that. For what about me I still miss the U.S.S.R., but it would carry us too far for a simple web page....the 65,347 reasons why I miss the U.S.S.R. maybe ? Well, when I read " the X etc." be sure that I'm forced to surf elsewhere, dear marketing department.
Again, please note, this is against the italian "media" from an italian nobody that has had enough of that. Italians after all waved nazi flags to Hitler and the week after started to wave american flags. Well I don't wave flags, it's a principle.

Of course,as you could have noticed, I'm not trying to sell anything to anybody. I think that there is enough people around trying to sell to others stuff that no one really needs, and neither wants. But, still, if you think that your life will change for the best if you just have a brand new Goofyphone 250 with 6 billions giga ram and 1450 cores, I can only feel for you.  So don't feel angry, let's say that I rather don't give a fuck for Goofyphone 250 & C., but that's all.

As they say ...more to come 🙂 (maybe)

This website doesn't use any cookie except those that eventually came with wordpress, I don't know, therefore I will not blah blah blah blah.